About Us

Meet Socially Dedicated’s dedicated team:

13346920_10154279821974292_5274212618435336913_n Sarah DeGeorge: Founder/Head of Communications

“Hey I’m Sarah and I am a graduate of Centenary College, now University. I love small businesses and helping them gain their footing when it comes to their social presence. Besides my work, I enjoy helping out the stray animals of Philadelphia, eating mass amounts of Lebanese food and traveling. I also have a huge obsession with utopia/dystopia books, i.e Farenheit 451, Brave New World, 1984.”

10538634_786268344729891_6537816500161310066_nDan Barends: Photographer/Videographer

“Hey everyone I’m Dan and go to Temple University. I love being creative and turning it into something tangible, which is why I started my own photography business . I’m a super laid-back person with a big taste for humor. Speaking of taste, food is a big part of my life and I really enjoy trying new dishes wherever I go.”

“But why the coffee cup?”
Our response: How else do you think we are able to fully function as humans while creating awesome content? CAFFEINE.